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LP gas, is the fuel of choice for all RVs on the road today. It fuels all the major appliances installed such as stoves, furnaces, water heaters, and even refrigerators. LP is a safe and efficient fuel to use in your RV when dealt with carefully, and it’s held in a system that begins with a built in tank commonly found in motorhomes or removable tanks found on travel trailers and fifth wheels . This tank holds the propane fuel you’ll be using on trips and in camp sites, but it’s connected to an elaborate system that requires regular service checks to ensure LP safety.

As with any fuel system, the safety features on an RV propane tank are extremely important.

Our great selection of RV propane accessories includes, LP detectors and alarms, LP tanks, RV regulators, and RV tanks covers and accessories. Having everything you need to maintain your propane and provide quality assurance is available right here at Mobile Trailer.

Our team of Licensed Technicians is committed to providing you with quick solutions for all your service needs. Technicians at Mobile Trailer will be able to diagnose service and repair any of your propane appliances.

In addition to servicing your propane systems, we are a licensed propane fill station offering competitive local rates. We fill RV propane tanks as well as all residential cylinders up to 100lbs.

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