How-To FAQs

Question: Do I have to schedule an appointment?
Answer: You can stop-in at your convenience during regular business hours. Please note that service appointments do need to be scheduled in advance to ensure that the proper personnel are on-site and available.

Question: Do you offer financing?
Answer: Yes, we work directly with several financial institutions and offer competitive interest rates.  An on-site or online application can be completed for your convenience.  Some financial institutions require proof of income and if self-employed 2 years business tax returns. Based on approved credit, we can get you on the road the same day.

Question: Do you take trade-ins?
Answer: Yes! We do take trade-ins.  If you have a trade please contact us with the Year, Make, Model, Miles (if motorized) and condition and we will work an approximate trade value range. Please keep in mind that we would have to view your RV in order to offer you a fair and final price.

Question: Do you deliver the RV to me?
Answer: Yes, absolutely.  When purchasing an RV, we do require that you do a detailed walk-through and pre-delivery inspection at the dealership. We do this because we want to ensure your happiness with your purchase and walk you through all the details and operations of your recreation vehicle.

For example, we want you to know where your fresh water tank is located and how to fill it, how to operate all of your electronics, awnings, etc. Above all we want you to feel confident and comfortable with your RV before you ever drive off the sale lot or have delivered to your destination.

Local towing services can be arranged for a fee and scheduled with our service department during regular business hours.

Question: I forgot how to do something. What do I do?
Answer: Please, feel free to call or email us. We understand that there is a lot of information to remember. We are always more than happy to answer all of your questions and/or concerns.

Question: Do you offer mobile service?
Answer: The mobile in Mobile Trailer is specifically referencing the service we provide to mobile recreation vehicles. 34 years of industry experience is a quality we take much pride in offering our customers.  Depending on the service required, we may be limited to onsite service.  For convenience of parts, equipment availability, and the safety of our valued personnel, we require service to be completed at the dealership.  Depending on your service needs, we may be able to accommodate your mobile service request.  Please contact our service department with your specific service related inquiry.

Question: Do you rent RV’s?
Answer: No, we are a sales and service dealership.

Question: Do I Need a Special Licence to Drive an RV?
Answer: Generally, RVs only require a regular drivers licence. Although it is always good to check with the provinces you are travelling in to be sure. Ensure you have had a valid driver’s licence for over a year and are over the age of 25 to rent.

Question: Can I Tow an RV With My Car or SUV?
Answer: There are numerous RV classes and sizes that will enable you to tow with your car or SUV. Pop-up campers are no problem with your average vehicle. Fifth Wheels and Toy Haulers will require an SUV or truck with specific towing requirements. You can also get a Class A, B or C and have your RV drivable.

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