Financing FAQs

Question: What bank will be financing my loan?
Answer: At Mobile Trailer, we are affiliated with several specialized RV lenders who offer very favorable interest rates and flexible terms. Our Finance department will discuss your options and provide quotes best suited to your budget and needs.

Question: How do I apply?
Answer: To apply, head to this page to get started, or visit our dealership where our experienced Finance Department can take care of your request.

Question: What will my interest rate be?
Answer: Your interest rate will ultimately be determined by the bank that funds your loan, the amount you are borrowing and the posted rate at the time of purchase. They will look at your entire credit history, age of vehicle, and loan amount to determine your eligibility for approved credit.

Question: What will my loan term be?
Answer: Depending on the age of the RV and the amount you want to borrow, our loan terms generally range from 5 to 20 years.

Question: Will you pull my credit multiple times?
Answer: We pride ourselves on not “shotgunning” your application to a multitude of Financial Institutions. When we receive your application, our finance personnel will take a look at your application to make sure it meets our general requirements. Your application will then electronically be sent to the Financial Institution of choice through a safe a secure portal, upon which that bank will pull your credit for application purposes. If that bank declines your application, we will send your application to one more bank, which will pull your credit. The maximum number of times your credit will be pulled is 3 but in most cases it will only be pulled 2 times. All processes regarding your application will be communicated directly with the applicant before any credit checks are involved.

Question: How long does it take to finalize my loan?
Answer: It usually takes between 24 and 48 hours to get an approval answer. If you submit your application on the weekend, expect to hear something the following business day.  Once you have been approved, you can proceed to arrange insurance confirmation and pre-authorized debit information on the account you wish you have your monthly/bi-weekly/weekly payment debited.

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